Rub Tug Suck and Fuck

After a short visit to his doctor office, Austin Wilde found this cute guy there. It was his first day there so he left something to remember it by. While he was waiting for his doctor to get out of a surgery he tested his new assistant and by test we, of course, mean banging his ass. The poor guy was so shy looking in Austin direction that he had to make the first move if he wanted to get anywhere with him. Austin asked the cute assistant for a bed where he could lay on until the doctor was ready to see him. Austin was taken to an empty room and he insisted that the assistant stayed there with him in case he feels bad.

Once he got closer to him, Austin Wilde noticed that the guy was actually hot and that he seemed a bit older than he initially thought. It was a matter of time until Austin got into his pants and then into his mouth and ass. The poor guy didn’t stand a chance in front of him and as strongly as he tried he couldn’t resist his charms even at his workplace during his first day there. There definitely was a lot of rubbing, tugging, sucking and fucking in this one so take a look at it and tell us what you think about it. We’ll see you tomorrow for more! Until then, check out the site and see some gorgeous male celebrities showing off their sexy bodies!


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