Workin’ For It

Austin Wilde will make you work for it if you really want it. Well, this guy tested it the other day when he was at his place trying to get to his pants and to find out if he actually is that good at nailing asses as everyone is talking. He was working as a plumber and the other day he had a special request for one of his clients. There wasn’t any name written down just an address so he went there so see what the problem was. When the door opened he couldn’t believe his eyes, he was at Austin’s place. He looks even hotter than everyone has described him to be. The hot plumber did his job and all this time he was thinking of a way to stay after the work was done.

Austin minded his own business and when he finished his job, he went to his wallet and realized that he didn’t have any cash to pay him, just his credit cards. Well, this worked out just great for our hot plumber that couldn’t believe just how lucky he was. Austin told him that he will pay at his company tomorrow, but that wasn’t going to work for our horny plumber. It was a bit of work but he convinced Austin to consider another payment method that will benefit both of them. Money wasn’t the problem for AustinWilde but he really wanted to nail the hot plumber’s ass and this was his chance to do that. Take a look at them in action below or visit the she plays with her cock site and have fun watching some hot trannies having sex!


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Austin Wilde – Wilde Style

You can’t go wrong with the wilde style and Austin Wilde knows that. Once you got two younger guys in your bed things can get any better and Austin knows that. He got guys lined up to get in the sack with him and as you know you just can’t find anyone else like Austin, someone that fucks guys better than him. The two twinks that joined him in this one don’t have that much experience but that isn’t a problem for him because is more than patient showing these guys just how he likes things to be done. Austin took them to the bedroom where after some work he finally got things moving. The guys took turns on blowing his dick and then waited for their turn to ride Austin’s hard dick. But there’s so much more that went down between these three.

We must admit they did a pretty good job on this one and just by seeing them riding his dick you are going to agree with us. Austin shared with these two horny twinks some things that they won’t forget too soon. You can find the entire action in the gallery we put together for you guys below, just by following the link. Also you can enter the ladyboy ladyboy site and see some sexy trannies having sex! This was all for today but Austin has so many more scenes ready for you guys so don’t forget to get back tomorrow to see his latest adventures.


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Wilde Glory

Austin Wilde ends up trying out the glory hole in this latest update. Your favorite hunk gave it a try and must see him getting his dick jerked off and sucked off by strangers in a public bathroom. There was this gay pub that was open to the glory hole idea so Austin paid them a visit to try it out for himself. He’s heard a lot of it but never tried it out until last night. The hot hunk went in the there and gave it a try. He took off his pants and underwear and waited for someone to come his one. He had to wait for a bit and just when he was about to call it a night, he heard some footsteps coming his way.

Then this guy started jerking off his dick and couldn’t wait to see what he had in mind to try out next. The guy continued with a sloppy blowjob and then got his dick up his ass as well. That was the first guy, the next one was happy with only a handjob, but that worked for AustinWilde. The guys kept on parading in the bathroom and by the end of the night, Austin already had several guys jerking and sucking him off in the bathroom. Like the trannies fromĀ, he loves sucking big cocks! Below you got a complete gallery that summarizes his glory hole experience, so be sure you check it out entirely. Until next time make sure you return for more updates from your favorite hunk.


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Austin Wilde Trio

Austin Wilde is back and this time he brought you guys an intense gay threesome scene. Two of his oldest friends are back in town and what’s a better way to catch up then nailing their asses. The guys were in town for some business meetings and they couldn’t leave the town without paying a visit to their good old friend. The guys had their own way of catching up and in this scene, they are going to share it with you guys. It isn’t a secret that they had their fair share of catching up sessions so everyone kind of knows what to expect from them, but if this is the first time you see these three in action get ready for a crazy ride.

Everyone knows that Austin is the one that loves fucking other dudes rather than getting his ass fucked but with his old friends this is going to change. He just can’t say no to them and you are going to see that as they are taking turns on fucking one another on his red leather couch. Austin is the one getting all the attention in this one and he gets both his holes stuffed by his buddies. The guys didn’t have mercy on him and showed him just how much they missed his fine ass. Click below to see the entire scene because this is just a preview and trust us things are getting hotter and hotter with these three. Enjoy!


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Wilde Dreams

The Wilde dreams are the best one because they have Austin Wilde as a star and you know he always delivers. In this one, you’ll get to see the ripped jock getting his big dick sucked off by a completely stranger. Having his lifestyle really pays off because, after all those nights in the club, he always returns with a lucky guy to his house. This was also the case because last night he got his hands on the guy he is sharing the bed right now. All that alcohol really helped him and his case, but his charms also played a big part in it. Austin saw his sitting all alone at the bar, so he thought to offer him some company.

One thing leads to another and in no time they were hot and heavy in the men’s bathroom. But that wasn’t going to work for Austin Wilde, so he took him to his place to continue all the fun. This isn’t the first time that this happened and Austin usually has a good eye when it comes to picking guys. The guy just broke up with his boyfriend so he was looking for some revenge sex and no one is better at it that Austin, besides you can’t really say no to him. Once they got home, Austin asked him about the cameras and he seemed ok with them. Once they started rolling the actual action begun and you can see the new guy blowing Austin’s hard dick and it continues with Austin fucking his fine ass. Check it out!


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Austin Wilde – Private Chat

Hey there and welcome back. Everywhere you turned there was someone talking about only dating. Austin Wilde isn’t the type of guy that needed an online dating service to get laid, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t interested in trying it out. He made a profile and started looking around to see what guys were around. This hot tattooed guy made the first move and started a conversation in the private chat. Austin checked his profile and from the pictures, he met his criteria. But the thing is you can never know with these online profiles who are you going to get. The guys set up a meeting the next day and Austin was in luck because this guy looked exactly like his pictures. So he is definitely a keeper.

Tall, hot and ready for some action. They skipped drinks and went straight to Austin’s house where after a short tour they camped in the bedroom. From handjobs to blowjobs and some intense ass fucking scenes you can find it all in this gallery. Austin’s first online dating experience went well and you can see him in some intense ass banging action in the scene that he has prepared for you lucky guys this afternoon. Check the entire scene out and don’t forget to get back for more AustinWilde updates. Enjoy it and stay tuned for the next one!


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Toning and Boning

Ass you can see Austin Wilde takes really good care of his body and that comes with a lot of work. Well, it’s not the traditional gym work you might think off although it involves his personal trainer. As you can see below he was his own workout routine and that pretty much involves a lot of sweating from banging one another’s ass in the gym. This is just a preview from one of their hardcore workouts. The guys really give it their best each time and his trainer really works hard to keep him toned and in a good shape.

This time they had the gym all to themselves so after some bench presses his trainer started working as well on his fat dick. It’s really hard lifting weights when you got someone giving you head, so Austin leaves his workout routine for another day and focuses on his hot trainer. It didn’t take them too long to end up completely naked and to started pleasing one another. Austin was taken care of by his trainer because their clients come first. From there to banging their asses on a gym bench was a really short way and the guys had a blast nailing their asses. No worries everything was recorded and you got it all here. Just follow the link below to see these two in some intense ass fucking scenes. Enjoy it and we’ll see you with more next time!


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Austin Wilde – Post Game

In this post game update you are going to see your hot hunk blowing Austin’s dick in front of the rolling cameras. Austin got his hands on a new younger guy to play around with and he’s gonna show him a really good time. He isn’t that experienced in the field so he’s going to learn so many things from our hunk. He found this one literally at his doorstep, trying to sell him something. Once he saw him he really couldn’t focus on what he was saying. He invited him in to hear all his speech but while he was talking Austin thought about a more interesting thing to do that to buy whatever he was selling.

He was obviously doing that for the money, so Austin offered him his monthly pay for one fuck. The guy was definitely gay although he tried really hard not so give it away, but he wasn’t fooling Austin. He thought about it for a second and then accepted it. Austin got a new boy toy to fuck around with in that afternoon. The hot salesman left all the work to Austin and he obediently did anything he would ask him to do. That was money well spend and once you are going to see him out blowing and riding Austin’s dick you are going to agree with us. So make sure you check out the AustinWilde scene entirely and stay tuned for more!


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Stark Raving Wilde

Austin Wilde is here with a hot update and you are going to see your favorite hunk getting his ass fucked again. You know that this doesn’t happen that often so you gotta take advantage of this one. Austin found a hot hunk to play around with. Your favorite hunk found a new guy to play around with and he was closer than you might think. The ripped jock was working at a store next to his house and after passing a few times around there Austin noticed him. He wasn’t really into sports but still went into the store to try his luck with the hot salesman.

Well, he wasn’t the only that didn’t have any knowledge about it because the guy didn’t have even the slightest idea of what he was selling. After exchanging a few words Austin found out that he also works as a personal trainer, so he settled a meeting with him the next day. Austin didn’t really need any help in that department but it’s the only way he could think of to get the hunk in his house without sounding too desperate. Once Austin made his appearance butt naked in front of him after an intense workout the cute trainer couldn’t keep his hands off him and spend the rest of their workout time taking turns on nailing one another’s asses. Click below to see everything that went down there!


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Austin Wilde – On the set

Austin Wilde is back with another steamy gay update, this time straight from the massage parlor. His horny masseur spends more time jerking off his dick than massaging his back, but hey no one is complaining. Austin went to his massage parlor and found out that his masseur was out for the day so he had to try out one of the new guys. Austin saw this cute guy walking down the hallway and he made sure that he was the one massaging him this afternoon. The hot hunk went there, took off his clothes and patiently waited for his masseur on the table.

Well, his cute masseur offered him a massage he won’t forget too soon. He saw Austin checking him out down the hallway so he offered him a full treatment. The young masseur started by rubbing Austin’s back and went lower and lower until both of his hands were on his butt. In no time the towel fell off and the masseur had a full view of Austin’s dick. What happened from there on you can see in the preview below. The horny masseur had a blast jerking off and blowing his hard dick right before he got it stuffed up his tight ass. Like the shemales from the tranny pros site, he is crazy about getting his ass stretched by big cocks! You can below more from their steamy massage session and don’t forget to get back for more updates!


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