Rub Tug Suck and Fuck

After a short visit to his doctor office, Austin Wilde found this cute guy there. It was his first day there so he left something to remember it by. While he was waiting for his doctor to get out of a surgery he tested his new assistant and by test we, of course, mean banging his ass. The poor guy was so shy looking in Austin direction that he had to make the first move if he wanted to get anywhere with him. Austin asked the cute assistant for a bed where he could lay on until the doctor was ready to see him. Austin was taken to an empty room and he insisted that the assistant stayed there with him in case he feels bad.

Once he got closer to him, Austin Wilde noticed that the guy was actually hot and that he seemed a bit older than he initially thought. It was a matter of time until Austin got into his pants and then into his mouth and ass. The poor guy didn’t stand a chance in front of him and as strongly as he tried he couldn’t resist his charms even at his workplace during his first day there. There definitely was a lot of rubbing, tugging, sucking and fucking in this one so take a look at it and tell us what you think about it. We’ll see you tomorrow for more! Until then, check out the site and see some gorgeous male celebrities showing off their sexy bodies!


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Austin Wilde – Good Kama

Today you are in for a treat because we got Austin Wilde and two other hot guys sucking and fucking one another in this one. Austin always had such a good eye for picking guys and today is one of those days where he got two hot guys fighting over his dick. Austin had to supervise one of his friend’s classes during an exam and while he made sure that everyone is minding their own business he noticed these two guys checking him out. After everyone finished their exam the two cute guys went over to him and asked him out. They were young and hot so why not? Austin took them both to his place for that drink. He didn’t have any better plans for that day so why not try out some cute college freshmen.


Once they got to his place the poor guys were so nervous that Austin had to make the first move and get things moving. That’s all these guys needed because afterward they finally had the gut to do something and things really kicked off for all three of them. It didn’t take them too long to get where you see them below, waiting their turn to ride Austin’s hard dick while the cameras were recording everything. Make sure you take a look at the entire scene and we’ll see you next time with more! Check out the site if you wanna see some male celebs showing off their perfectly shaped bodies!

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Reversal Of Fortune

We get to see Austin Wilde in action again because in this one he’s the one blowing and banging this other dude. We know how much you guys missed your favorite hunk so we brought one of his latest scenes for you today. Austin totally clicked with this guy, but he really gets along with every guy that he shared his bed with. This one is just his type, young hot and with a big dick. What else could you want? In the scene below you can see Austin doing what he knows best and that’s pleasing other dudes in front of the rolling cameras. At first, it was pretty hard to convince guys to let him bang them while being recorded but with time he’s gotten so much better at convincing guys to do it.

Austin took this one straight to the bedroom and spend quite some time sucking off his dick before he got to bang his perfect ass, so get ready to see a lot of hot pictures with him blowing and getting jizzed by his latest crush. Like always you can see the entire scene below just by following the link. In case you are not sure here, you got a preview to give you an idea about this scene. But if you are an AustinWilde fan you already know that this is going to be hot. So enjoy it and stay tuned for more! If you liked this scene, check out the site and see some hot male celebrities posing completely naked!


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Austin Wilde – Ginger Snaps

Austin Wilde found another ginger head to bang in this latest update. As you got used you have one of the best places in the house to see your favorite hunk in action. Lately, Austin stumbled upon a lot of redheads and we all know how hard they are to find, so he wasn’t going to miss out such an opportunity. This one just got hired by one of his neighbors to help him around the house, so Austin made sure that he checked out his place as well. He had so many things that the cute handyman could fix so he got his number and set up an appointment later that night after he finished his job next door. Austin found some problems in the kitchen with one of the racks and while the cute redhead handyman fixed his problems he couldn’t stop staring at this perfect ass and imagine what it’s going to be like to bang him.

It happened faster that Austin expected because the handyman was also interested in him and after seeing him checking him out he made the first move. He was the one asking for a tour of the house and once they got in the bedroom the house tour stopped there for a while. It went way better than Austin expected and the hot ginger head ended up in his bed for a rough bareback ass fucking session. You must see this! Also you might visit the Hazel Tucker blog if you wanna see a beautiful shemale in hardcore sex videos and pics!


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Head In The Clouds

Austin Wilde is back with his latest scene for you guys. Head in the clouds is one of his latest updates and you can check it out entirely below to see him getting his fine ass nailed. It’s been a while since we last saw  Austin being the one getting fucked so you are definitely going to enjoy this one. Austin finally found his match and the hot tattooed guy had a blast nailing his ass. These two found each other at a gay bar Austin goes and once he saw him Austin had to test him out. He didn’t even have to work that hard to get him and the fun started before they got home, they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other so that was an interesting cab ride home.

By the time they got in the bedroom that was already naked so there wasn’t too much to do there that take turns on banging their asses. By taking turns we mean watching the new guys fuck Austin most of the time. Enjoy this one because you know this doesn’t happen every day. Like we said earlier Austin is usually the one in charge in the bedroom, just like Hazel Tucker, but this guy wouldn’t have it any other way that his way. Make sure you check out the entire thing below and until next time you can also check out some of the older updates as well.


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Austin Wilde – Brother’s Keeper

Austin Wilde got to babysit this past weekend and as you can see things went pretty good. One of his friends asked him to help him out with his brother and took care of him the best way that he could by hammering his ass. His friend had to leave for the weekend and asked Austin to keep an eye on him. He had the house all to himself and he was worried that he was going to do something dumb, so he asked Austin to look after him. His brother was on his summer break and apparently during his first year in college he learn a lot of things. Of those things was his interest in other guys as well.

He took that college experience to another level and now that AustinWilde was looking after him for the entire weekend he knew that he had a chance to learn some new things. Everyone knew that Austin is interested in guys only, so just had to find the right approach. Austin tried to give him some space, but actually, the hot college stud was the one following him around the home and stressing him out. He promised him that he was going to keep it between them and that’s how he convinced Austin to nail his ass. It was more than he expected and if you don’t believe us you can check it out in the scene below or visit the site and see some sexy trannies fucking!


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Good, Good Rubbin’

With AustinWilde, we can’t catch a break. This time the hot hunk got to bang his cute masseur during their massage session this afternoon. The spa where he usually goes just hired a few new guys and Austin just had to test them out. Today when he went there he saw this cute redhead guy waiting for him in the hallway. He introduced himself, but Austin couldn’t hear a word, he was already nailing his cute ass in his mind. Austin went and changed and returned to the table wearing one a tiny towel around his waist. The new guy really did a good job with him, but Austin didn’t go there for the massage and the new masseur was going to find that out soon.

Austin knew that most of the guys working there were into dudes, so he tried his luck and while he was in front of him massaging his back, he grabbed his dick and started rubbing it. The poor guy blushed and didn’t really knew how to react, but Austin made it easier for him as he took off his pants and started sucking off his dick. Before you know it the cute masseur was on the table next to Austin and having his hard dick up his tight asshole. Like hot amydaly, he is crazy about getting is ass fucked! That definitely was a really good, good rub for both of them. Austin did it again and you must check it out entirely by following the link below. Enjoy it!


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Austin Wilde – Bottoms Out

Austin Wilde received another surprise visit the other day. One of his exes as in town with some business so he paid him a visit to catch up. Of course, that catching up meant fucking until his next business meeting. Austin didn’t mind at all nailing his tight ass one more time and you can see it all in the scene below. It’s no surprise that Austin had a lot of guys around him, but this one is one of his favorite ones. There was something about him that caught Austin’s interest. Rylan is a good looking guy, everyone can see that, but there’s something more than that, maybe we’ll find out by end of this scene.

Once Austin saw him, he knew that it was going to be a very interesting afternoon. Rylan let him know that he didn’t have too much time on his hands to they were in such a hurry that they didn’t even make to the bedroom and end up banging in the middle of the living room. Austin was the one in charge, like always, and could wait to stuff his hard dick up his tight ass. Cute Rylan had a ride he won’t forget too soon and you guys can check it out as well by following the link below. This was all for today stay tuned for more of AustinWilde’s steamy updates. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time! Until then, enter the site and see a hot tranny getting ass fucked!


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Da Booty Call

Austin Wilde is back with another great scene for you guys. Last night he ended up visiting one of his ex’s for a midnight booty call and he didn’t leave until he got to bang his ass one more time. After an active night with some friends, Austin was horny as hell but there wasn’t anyone that he liked so he had to give one of his exes a call to see what they were up to. The first name that crossed his mind was the last guy he dated and gave him a short call to see what he’s up to. Luckily for him, the guy was free and he was actually excited about Austin’s midnight visit. Both of them knew what that meant, so before going home he made a quick stop to his place to catch up.

Austin didn’t have in mind any talking and neither did his ex so they went straight to the bedroom. There things were on fast forward between these two, clothes flying all over the place and in no time they were naked in the sack. Austin was in for a treat because this guy did everything he could to please him, starting with jerking off and blowing his dick and then getting his tight asshole stretched by the horny stud. You can see them in action in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more of AustinWilde’s scenes! For similar material, enter the site and see some hot trannies riding cocks!


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Austin Wilde – Back Door Man

Our hunk Austin Wilde is back with another steamy scene for you guys. This time he got his hands on this cute younger guy that he got to bang. Austin found this one wondering at his doorstep looking for the guy that lived there before him. He was too cute to send away so he invited him in to try and find the guy he was looking for. After giving a few calls he realized that it was impossible to find the guy, but at least he got the cute guy in his house. He asked the new guy why he was looking for him and when he heard it was about money, he instantly figured him out. He owed him some money that he needed desperately so Austin offered another way to get that money without finding his guy.

This wasn’t this guy’s first time, but he sure acted like it was. After some work, Austin finally convinced him to join the party. After he turned on the cameras all the magic begun and the guy got his ass fucked by Austin and from the looks of it the guy had some experience in the area, so he surprised Austin the best way possible. You gotta see them fucking in the living room on Austin’s leather couch and also see the new guy getting his ass stuffed by Austin. Click below to see them in action or enter the site and see some hot black shemales fucking one another!


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