Good, Good Rubbin’

With AustinWilde, we can’t catch a break. This time the hot hunk got to bang his cute masseur during their massage session this afternoon. The spa where he usually goes just hired a few new guys and Austin just had to test them out. Today when he went there he saw this cute redhead guy waiting for him in the hallway. He introduced himself, but Austin couldn’t hear a word, he was already nailing his cute ass in his mind. Austin went and changed and returned to the table wearing one a tiny towel around his waist. The new guy really did a good job with him, but Austin didn’t go there for the massage and the new masseur was going to find that out soon.

Austin knew that most of the guys working there were into dudes, so he tried his luck and while he was in front of him massaging his back, he grabbed his dick and started rubbing it. The poor guy blushed and didn’t really knew how to react, but Austin made it easier for him as he took off his pants and started sucking off his dick. Before you know it the cute masseur was on the table next to Austin and having his hard dick up his tight asshole. Like hot amydaly, he is crazy about getting is ass fucked! That definitely was a really good, good rub for both of them. Austin did it again and you must check it out entirely by following the link below. Enjoy it!


Watch here Austin banging his hot masseur!