Austin Wilde – Back Door Man

Our hunk Austin Wilde is back with another steamy scene for you guys. This time he got his hands on this cute younger guy that he got to bang. Austin found this one wondering at his doorstep looking for the guy that lived there before him. He was too cute to send away so he invited him in to try and find the guy he was looking for. After giving a few calls he realized that it was impossible to find the guy, but at least he got the cute guy in his house. He asked the new guy why he was looking for him and when he heard it was about money, he instantly figured him out. He owed him some money that he needed desperately so Austin offered another way to get that money without finding his guy.

This wasn’t this guy’s first time, but he sure acted like it was. After some work, Austin finally convinced him to join the party. After he turned on the cameras all the magic begun and the guy got his ass fucked by Austin and from the looks of it the guy had some experience in the area, so he surprised Austin the best way possible. You gotta see them fucking in the living room on Austin’s leather couch and also see the new guy getting his ass stuffed by Austin. Click below to see them in action or enter the site and see some hot black shemales fucking one another!


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