Austin Wilde Videos

For this brand new and sizzling hot Austin Wilde videos update we have the best gay scene you will ever see in your life. It consists of yet another threesome with Austin and two of his friends, Mark and Vic. The three got drunk after some hard partying and went home to continue having fun. Well a bit different kind of fun. And by that we mean the classic threesome, for which all his friends know him best for. One of them played a submissive role for the beginning sucking the other two’s cocks to get them nice and hard. But that role-play didn’t last very long as the other guys anted to play the role too. So cum inside and see the three fucking each other’s asses in a nice fuck session for the evening.

You get to see the making of the sexy scene where Austin and two of his other buddies got down and dirty and fucked one another hard style, of course, just for your pleasure. And in this behind the scenes view you can watch them have the sexual fun in real time as well. Sit back and watch the guys sucking each other off, and watch them fucking in the ass too just for your viewing pleasure as they shoot their little movie today. We hope that you enjoyed it as always and we’ll see you again next week with PeterFever! If you can;t wait until the next post and you’re looking for similar gay sex videos, visit the site! Enjoy!


Austin Wilde Video

Hey there guys! we have a fresh Austin Wilde video here just for you. You can see our hot stud Austin bringing some hardcore ass fucking on Tommy here, after which he cums into his mouth. The scene itself, ahs Austin getting prepped for a nice and long massage session as our horny stud needed to loosen up a bit for this afternoon. So he called on his favorite masseur this afternoon to help him unwind and relax. And of course, give him a happy end at the end of it all. So let’s just sit back and watch these two hot men go at it shall we?

The dude does his magic on Austin as our stud patiently allows the other guy to work his number on his body. And as you will see he enjoys having every inch of his body touched and fondled allot. Then when the guy is just about done, he starts to play with Austin’s cock as our dude moans in pleasure, and then the guy gives him a nice and proper jerk off as our guy just relaxes. Watch them continue the fun, and by the end be sure to see the scene with Austin blowing his jizz load all over this horny stud. See you next time everyone! Until then, visit the site and see other sexy guys sucking cocks and getting spanked!


Billiards And Boners

Alex is one of Austin Wilde ‘s friends with benefits. They hit the bars tonight, and they seem to have stopped at a bar that had a pool table for them to play a few games. These hot baitbuddies enjoyed themselves so much time just flew by  and before they knew it they were the only ones left. The manager knew them well since they were regulars, so he gave them the key to close up when they left. Well they’d do that but not before austinwilde got down and dirty with Alex thoroughly anal fucking him on one of the pool tables.

Well it seems that this game of pool lasted well into the night. And eventually since they were both horny and needed an icebreaker, they decided to make a wager. The loser had to present his ass for a good fucking if he lost. And as you can see, Austin won the last match as he was very much desiring to penetrate that tight and horny ass tonight. Watch as he takes the dude right then and there on the pool table for a fucking without a second thought. So just sit back and watch the stud spread open his legs for Austin to fuck his ass in this nice and hot gallery today. Enjoy it and see you next time! Until then, enter the blog and see some muscled hunks jerking off their monster cocks!

austin wilde rimming his hard cock in his friends ass

Watch Austin rimming his cock in his buddy’s virgin asshole!


Austin Wilde Gay

For this extra hot Austin Wilde gay scene , we have Austin and his new friend fucking each other’s assholes. They kept at it until Austin came in the guy’s ass and he came on his chest. Austin managed to get his slutty hands on this stud at a local bar, and since both of them share a love for other guys and cock, Austin had no problem in picking him up and bringing him back to his place for a nice and hard fuck throughout the night. Rest easy knowing that the stud himself was really looking forward to getting some hard cock in his anal hole, because like the guys from hotoldermale videos is crazy about anal sex and this was his chance to get it.

austin wilde fucking hard his hot gay friend

When the cameras start to roll, the studs are already in Austin’s bedroom and getting it on. After a nice and long foreplay session with them kissing sensually and taking off one another’s clothes they are ready to move on to the interesting part. And you know what that means. So Austin was on his back with the dude climbing on top as he wanted to take his dick balls deep in his ass tonight. Sit back and watch that horny stud ride the cock cowboy style today just for your enjoyment and his. AS always we hope that you liked it and we’ll be back next time with some more! For similar hardcore gay sex movies and pics, check out the gay bondage site!

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Getting Their Swell On

This time Austin Wilde found himself in a gym having his big cock sucked by a random guy from there. It all started with some innuendo on Austin’s part, since he was curious as to if the guy would respond to his advances. And he did to his relief. And that dude was a true professional at giving head, he made Austin get goose bumps , it was that good for him. So go over at and see these hot studs fuck each others tight asses for some nice workouts. So let’s get started without further due.

An intense workout like that is entitled to end with some sweet pleasure, and these two baitbuddies prove that they want to get to it as fast as they can. Austin leans against the wall as the other dude undresses him kissing him all over. And you can see that Austin is quite enjoying himself. After he was all nice and hard the guy presents Austin with his tight and round ass, and just waits for the nice and hard doggie style fuck that our dude gets to deliver on him. Sit back and watch Austin do a nice job to stretch this horny dude’s ass in this amazing update and enjoy!  If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the site and see some gorgeous gay guys fucking!

austin wilde having his big cock sucked at the gym

See this hot guy gagging on Austin’s hard swollen cock!


Austin Wilde Boyfriend

Hot stud Austin Wilde took his boyfriend this fine evening to a private spa with a Jacuzzi, to treat him to a nice relaxing evening and a rough anal fuck. So watch these two hot studs ass fuck each other in the Jacuzzi until they both cum. As this fresh week brings you this superb update, we’re pretty sure that you will recognize this stud that joins Austin. You see, he had a lot of fun last time getting his ass plwoed by our dude in the pool, and today he wanted another go just like that one. Sure enough the horny and sexy Austin delivered on that and invited him over once more.

austin wilde fucking with his hot friend in the pool

The guy came and Austin greeted him happily as he knew he’d be getting some more of this guy’s tight ass for his evening. So both of these horny studs retreated to the pool where they intended to have their little fun for the evening. Sit back and watch as the horny guys start to kiss passionately, and as they are kissing you get to see the other guy starting to caress and play with Austin’s cock. He wants that inside his ass badly and he’s willing to do anything to get it today. Watch as he’s going to get bent over and fucked hard and fast balls deep in the ass by Austin tonight! For more action, check out the site! See you next time, friends!

Enjoy watching Austin fucking with his hot friend in the pool!


Austin Wilde Gets Fucked

For this update Austin Wilde found himself in a sports team locker-room, tailing his favorite player from the local team. He heard rumors that he might be into guys and wanted to check for himself if the rumors were true or not. Well lucky for him, they were right, because as soon as he posed the question the guy started to pull Austin’s pants down to suck his cock. Enjoy our guy having his cocked sucked dry in this great update today. Let’s just sit back and watch this amateur coach train his favorite player from the team for the whole afternoon today shall we?

As the gay porn video starts, Austin follows the player to the locker room. And once inside he locks the door behind them. He starts to talk about his performance giving him some tips for playing. But the dude knows what’s up and why Austin is here. So he just reaches for his pants, taking them off to reveal that big and hard dick. And once he does so, he starts to suck on it without delay to Austin’s pleasure. Watch your favorite hot hunk as he just sits back and enjoys getting his cock taken care of by a pro player both on the field and in bed. Have fun and see you next week! Until then, visit the site and see some gorgeous hunks having sex!

austin wilde gets sucked and then fucked

 Enjoy watching hot Austin having his big cock sucked dry!


Taking Advantage Of The Drunk Guy

Austin Wilde got bored today, and since there was nothing else better to do, he wanted to throw a party. Well a small one, since he’d only have a few guys over for some drinks. And the evening came, and surely enough the clothed guys showed up. Thy talked and joked and had fun for a while, but then they just said screw it and went for that austinwilde experience. Namely a hot gay threesome. The guys took turns sucking each other’s huge cocks, after which they got down to the fucking part. And they switched roles for the entire session. They wouldn’t want the other guys to feel left out of the fun. So cum inside and watch the studs hammering each other’s hot asses.


Well as always you know what to expect. Austin always throws the best sex parties and his fuck buddies are more than happy to join in on the fun every time that they get the chance to do so. And rest assured that the trio spend the whole afternoon fucking all over the place and sucking one another’s dicks. Just sit back and enjoy the fuck fest followed by a equally nice jizz fest, and enjoy it everyone. Do check out the past updates that Austin has for you as well and make sure to return next week for more! For similar videos, check out the CJ XXX site and see some horny guys fucking each other!

 Watch these three hammering one another’s tight ass!


AustinWilde – Pool Boy Fun

Wade is tonight’s austinwilde fresh catch. Austin checked him out when he was cleaning the pool and he like what he saw in this hot stud. So check out Austin pounding that tight ass all night long. Thing is that the poolboy was really hot, and you know that the sexy stud Austin just can’t help himself when he gets to see another superb and hot stud strolling by. After the dude did his job cleaning the pool, Austin Wilde wanted to give him something along the lines of a special tip in addition to his pay for such a great job done today So let’s see what that was.

As you probably can figure out, the thing was some hot gay sex sessions just like in the glory hole videos. Lucy for Austin, this guy was actually hoping to be able to get it on with our stud. And so the two retreated to Wilde’s bedroom to get on with the fun. Austin laid  on his back as the guy took off his pants and underwear, and started to work on his cock. Watch the dude sucking and slurping on Austin’s big meat pole today and enjoy the show everyone. As always you can expect more of this sexy stud next week. So we’ll be seeing you then with some more fresh scenes of him! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the blog and see some rockers sucking big cocks! Enjoy and see you soon!

austin wilde gets his cock sucked clean

Watch how this gay licks clean Austin’s cock and balls!


The Surprise Partner

Austin Wilde was yet on another night hunt for hot guys at the local bar. And he lucked out with this hot stud. After they got back to his place Austin didn’t want for his new friend to go unattended, so he started sucking his cock hard style in order to get him nice and hard. But you know our austinwilde , he likes to take the reigns when he has a chance. So after blowing the guy he shoved his big hard cock up the dude’s ass and started to pound him like the little man slut he was.

austin wilde having hardcore gay sex

So sit back and watch this sexy and hot scene with the two hot buddies today as they have hot steamy gay sex in front of the cameras. Austin takes his place in the red chair and he’s all naked. Like we said, the other guy just begins to suck his cock with a passion by using his juicy lips. Then you get to watch that stud climb on top of Austin as he slides our dude’s big cock inside his tight ass without a second thought. So sit back and watch as Austin gets to deliver another hard style ass fucking to one lucky guy. We hope that you liked it and we’ll see you again next week!

 Check out Austin shoving his big hard cock in the guy’s ass!