Workin’ For It

Austin Wilde will make you work for it if you really want it. Well, this guy tested it the other day when he was at his place trying to get to his pants and to find out if he actually is that good at nailing asses as everyone is talking. He was working as a plumber and the other day he had a special request for one of his clients. There wasn’t any name written down just an address so he went there so see what the problem was. When the door opened he couldn’t believe his eyes, he was at Austin’s place. He looks even hotter than everyone has described him to be. The hot plumber did his job and all this time he was thinking of a way to stay after the work was done.

Austin minded his own business and when he finished his job, he went to his wallet and realized that he didn’t have any cash to pay him, just his credit cards. Well, this worked out just great for our hot plumber that couldn’t believe just how lucky he was. Austin told him that he will pay at his company tomorrow, but that wasn’t going to work for our horny plumber. It was a bit of work but he convinced Austin to consider another payment method that will benefit both of them. Money wasn’t the problem for AustinWilde but he really wanted to nail the hot plumber’s ass and this was his chance to do that. Take a look at them in action below or visit the she plays with her cock site and have fun watching some hot trannies having sex!


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