Toning and Boning

Ass you can see Austin Wilde takes really good care of his body and that comes with a lot of work. Well, it’s not the traditional gym work you might think off although it involves his personal trainer. As you can see below he was his own workout routine and that pretty much involves a lot of sweating from banging one another’s ass in the gym. This is just a preview from one of their hardcore workouts. The guys really give it their best each time and his trainer really works hard to keep him toned and in a good shape.

This time they had the gym all to themselves so after some bench presses his trainer started working as well on his fat dick. It’s really hard lifting weights when you got someone giving you head, so Austin leaves his workout routine for another day and focuses on his hot trainer. It didn’t take them too long to end up completely naked and to started pleasing one another. Austin was taken care of by his trainer because their clients come first. From there to banging their asses on a gym bench was a really short way and the guys had a blast nailing their asses. No worries everything was recorded and you got it all here. Just follow the link below to see these two in some intense ass fucking scenes. Enjoy it and we’ll see you with more next time!


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