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Austin Wilde and Brody Wilder

Austin Wilde and Brody Wilder are the hottest pair of studs you can lay your eyes on. Brody was fed up with his boyfriend and what better way to get back at him that than to cheat on him. Austin was waiting on the sidelines for quite some time now, and this was the absolute perfect opportunity to get into Brody’s underpants. Watch as austinwilde sucks Brody’s huge cock, and he releases his load in Austin’s mouth.

Once more you get to see Austin as he gets pampered by his fuck buddies, and let’s just say that there’s none better to take care of you than Brody here. He always takes care that you get pleased first, and that’s why Austin just loves getting it on with this guy. Watch as Brody sucks and slurps on Austin’s big dick and then watch him ride it with his tight and horny ass today. We hope that you’ll like it and we’ll see you guys next week with even more! Until then, you can visit the nextdoormale blog and watch some horny gay guys masturbating!

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Blowing Gavin Waters

We all know that Austin Wilde mostly like to get his cock sucked or stick his cock in a guy’s ass but this time he is giving a blowjob to his friend, Gavin, what a lucky guy! It seems that Austin likes sucking cocks and he is good at, because Gavin shot his load all over the place!

As you know by now, just like hot Pierre Fitch, Austin doesn’t mind taking either role while fucking, and today he fancied being a bit more submissive again, like a good little man slut. Gavin always wanted to be the one that gets to order Austin around and as you will see, AustinWilde catered to his every wish today. See Austin as he uses his juicy lips and expertise to give Gavin one unforgettable blow job in this hot afternoon. And rest assured that you’ll see Gavin here in the future as well. Bye bye guys and do drop by next week for more! Until then, visit the gay rimming blog and see other hot guys fucking!


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Austin Wilde – Fucking in the pool

What a romantic evening, as Austin Wilde and his friend are relaxing in the pool, but both guys are horny and hard and they really have to get themselves off! Austin sticks his big cock in his friend’s mouth and deep throats him until he is ready to blow his massive cum load!


And talking about romantics, Austin sure knows how to set up the scene and set the mood, simply because he’s a pro, just like the guys from the huge gay pass blog! For his scene fucking with his buddy today he took him to his nice jacuzzi and that’s where the two would spend the evening fucking. As generous as he is, he offers up his big and hard cock to his buddy to suck on before they move onto more interesting stuff. Watch as Austin moans in pleasure while the dude sucks and deep throats his big dick. And then sit back and watch Austin fucking that tight ass! If you want to see other guys with really huge cocks sucking and cuming, join the http://extrabigdicks.org/ site!

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Fucking Alex Andrews

Austin Wilde couldn’t wait to stick his cock deep into Alex’s tight ass! In this gallery you are going to watch one of the hottest gay sex scenes ever! After Alex is working hard on Austin’s cock, sucking him off and playing with his balls, Austin penetrates his tight ass and fucks him hard making him blow his load!

As you can see, your resident hot stud AustinWilde was really eager to get his cock in another dude’s ass and this time he got his wish granted once more. He took this guy back to his apartment and bedroom and he was going to get rough with Alex’s tight ass. Rest assured that Alex was just waiting for a nice and hard anal fuck and Austin was more than happy to deliver the said fucking. So watch Alex getting his ass fucked balls deep by Austin in this update everyone. See you next week with more of this horny stud! Until then, you can visit the eastboys.org blog and watch other great hardcore gay sex movies and pics! Also you might enter the my straight buddy blog and see some gorgeous straight guys getting naked and masturbating! Enjoy!


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Hardcore threesome

AustinWilde, Rob and Parker are knowing each other for quite some time but they never had sex together before. Today these three hot guys met up for a hardcore threesome fuck and Austin together with Parker took turns on Rob’s ass, filling his tight asshole with hot creamy cum!

Well it seems that Austin and Parker couldn’t decide on who to go first on Rob’s ass. So they eventually ended up double fucking his ass as they both stuck their cocks in his tight hole today. And for a switch up, you will also get to see Parker fucking that ass and getting fucked in turn by Austin as also sticks his cock balls deep inside him. Just sit back and watch the trio spend the afternoon fucking each other and enjoy. Be sure to check out the past updates as well, as we promise you won’t be disappointed one bit! For similar hardcore gay sex videos, you can visit the wurstfilm.org site! Have fun, guys!


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Sex with Brandon Lewis

Austin Wilde always likes spending time with Brandon, the main reason is that Brandon likes to take it in his ass nice and hard! Brandon also is good at giving head, and Austin always shoots massive loads of cum after fucking his friend’s asshole!


This sex scene has romance written all over it as you can see and you can expect a superbly sensual show today. Austin wanted to experience a nice and sensual fuck with Brandon and so they make sure that everything was perfect for their little meet and fuck this afternoon. After they talked and flirted for a bit you can see Brandon taking his spot on the red couch with tops down and bottoms up as Austin is ready to fuck his ass. So watch the studs enjoying a nice and relaxing sex session for this afternoon! If you want to see some handsome gay guys fucking, join the http://hotbarebacking.org/ website!

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Austin Wilde – Fucking Tucker Vaughn

Austin Wilde met up with a good friend of his to study together so both sat comfortable in the bed and opened their books. After reading for a while Tucker started talking about their kinky times together and both got horny. Tucker likes to bottom and Austin fucked him hard doggy style!

Well they did get to study eventually. But the study itself ended up being anatomy rather than what they were suppose to study. No matter as they both enjoyed the session quite allot. So watch as these two horny and sexy studs go for their little fuck session this afternoon. You get to se Tucker bending over and presenting his ass to Austin in this scene. You watch your favorite stud go balls deep in that tight ass today. We hope that you enjoyed it and see you next week! If you wanna see other hot gay guys fucking, enter the www.hardbritlads.org site!


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Fucking at the office

Austin Wilde has met up with Johnny Torque and Andrew Jakk at his office for discussing a business. After they closed the deal it was time to celebrate, so Austin brought the drinks but this meeting turned into a hardcore threesome fucking as these hot guys simply can’t keep their pants on. Watch as Austin gets his big cock sucked!

This is another superb office themed scene and let us assure you that it’s quite awesome. For this nice scene you get to see Austin and two of his buddies acting like the three bosses of a firm. And today they show you the secret of their success, which happens to be teamwork. Just how that translates you will also understand as well. As you can see their idea of teamwork is to have fun fucking each other’s tight asses and sucking each other’s big cocks. So sit back and enjoy the show!


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Austin Wilde – Hardcore 69 with Anthony Romero

We always like watching Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero in action because every time they meet things are getting out of control, these guys can’t take their hands off each other. In this update they are in the kitchen taking off their clothes and passionately kissing, the they lay down in 69 position and suck off each other until both cum!

And this is a nice case of reciprocity as the studs couldn’t decide on who to be the dominant male should be. Well they came to an agreement and neither of them took the reins. So what resulted was a nice sixty nine session with these two horny studs as they sucked one another’s big dicks on the kitchen counted today. As we said, you’ll get to see them do such a good job on one another’s cocks as they both jizz in each other’s mouths for their sex session today. Have fun with it everyone! For those who are looking for similar content, check out the Next Door Male blog and watch some muscled gay dudes masturbating!


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Austin fucking Tyler Ford

We set up a meeting between Austin Wilde and Tyler Ford because we knew that they both like to top and we were wondering who is going to bottom in this scene. Austin clearly likes being on top and Tyler had no chance against him, he acted very submissive and took Austin’s cock up in his tight ass!

Like we said, this little photo shoot was a nice chance for Austin to take the reins again and be the dominant male as he would take his prize. Tyler usually gets to be the submissive one when they fuck and practically this time was no different. But Tyler doesn’t mind that one bit, as Austin sure knows how to work a sexy and hot ass properly with his cock. So just sit back and enjoy Tyler getting his anal hole stretched nicely by AustinWilde in this sexy update. We hope that you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next week with more!


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