Austin Wilde – Wilde Style

You can’t go wrong with the wilde style and Austin Wilde knows that. Once you got two younger guys in your bed things can get any better and Austin knows that. He got guys lined up to get in the sack with him and as you know you just can’t find anyone else like Austin, someone that fucks guys better than him. The two twinks that joined him in this one don’t have that much experience but that isn’t a problem for him because is more than patient showing these guys just how he likes things to be done. Austin took them to the bedroom where after some work he finally got things moving. The guys took turns on blowing his dick and then waited for their turn to ride Austin’s hard dick. But there’s so much more that went down between these three.

We must admit they did a pretty good job on this one and just by seeing them riding his dick you are going to agree with us. Austin shared with these two horny twinks some things that they won’t forget too soon. You can find the entire action in the gallery we put together for you guys below, just by following the link. Also you can enter the ladyboy ladyboy site and see some sexy trannies having sex! This was all for today but Austin has so many more scenes ready for you guys so don’t forget to get back tomorrow to see his latest adventures.


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