Austin Wilde – Post Game

In this post game update you are going to see your hot hunk blowing Austin’s dick in front of the rolling cameras. Austin got his hands on a new younger guy to play around with and he’s gonna show him a really good time. He isn’t that experienced in the field so he’s going to learn so many things from our hunk. He found this one literally at his doorstep, trying to sell him something. Once he saw him he really couldn’t focus on what he was saying. He invited him in to hear all his speech but while he was talking Austin thought about a more interesting thing to do that to buy whatever he was selling.

He was obviously doing that for the money, so Austin offered him his monthly pay for one fuck. The guy was definitely gay although he tried really hard not so give it away, but he wasn’t fooling Austin. He thought about it for a second and then accepted it. Austin got a new boy toy to fuck around with in that afternoon. The hot salesman left all the work to Austin and he obediently did anything he would ask him to do. That was money well spend and once you are going to see him out blowing and riding Austin’s dick you are going to agree with us. So make sure you check out the AustinWilde scene entirely and stay tuned for more!


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